The world-class horse town of Hamina is a charming town of about 20,000 inhabitants in southeastern Finland, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The Hevoset Bastionissa Equestrian Event can be easily reached by car, bus, boat, taxi or even by bike.

By car via the E18 motorway 

By way of the motorway E18, Hamina is about an hour and a half from the Helsinki metropolitan area. You can drive from Lappeenranta to Hamina in about an hour and from Kouvola in less than an hour. Hamina offers free parking.

Free parking

There is free parking in Hamina. More information on parking during the event will be found here closer to the occasion. If you arrive by car, leave it in one of the free car park areas and walk to the event. 

Use public transport – travel responsibly

During the event, there will be additional bus service between Helsinki and Hamina, so you can conveniently reach the event by bus. Tickets will be bookable during spring 2022. The Hamina bus station is located next to the library, opposite the K-Market Kanuuna, about 600m from the festival event arenas.

There are multiple bus departures daily from directly from Helsinki to Hamina or via Kotka. Buy your ticket from Matkahuolto or from the online store

You can get to Hamina by train from the Kouvola (50km) or Kotka (25km) railway stations. You can travel between Kouvola and Kotka for the price of a local ticket. Book your tickets online at VR.

The local buses in the Kotka region are called Jonne & Minne. You can buy a one-time ticket from the driver in cash or pay for a ticket using the Waltti app. There is bus service between Hamina and Kotka about twice an hour, some of which get to Hamina quickly along the motorway. The slower service takes about 45 minutes one way.


The Perille destination search allows you to easily search and compare public transport options.

By boat to the Hevoset Bastionissa Equestrian Event

The Hamina Guest Marina is located on Tervasaari about one kilometre from the centre of town, the main festival area. Read more about the Rampsinkari Visitors’ Marina and its services


Haminan area taxis include the following:

    • Kymenlaakson taksi 0100 87 227
    • Taksipalvelu Kotiranta & Lepistö Oy  040-938 1100
    • Taksiparoni 05 460 5000
    • Liinamaa taksipalvelut 05 344 7300
    • Liinamaa tilausajot ja retket 0400 633 633

Bicycle around Hamina

The Hamina region is a fantastic cycling destination for both city bikers as well as those seeking to explore the area on longer trips -even multiple days!

There are bike stands and a bicycle maintenance station at the Hamina Market Square where you can pump up your bike tires, for example. You can also find a public toilet there. Rent a Kaakau city bike during the event. Learn more about cyling in Hamina and find route suggestions here.

Photo Satu Pirinen

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