Hear the horses neigh at the Hamina Bastion again in June 2023! Hevoset Bastionissa, the amazing Horses in the Bastion Equestrian Event, will take place in Hamina 7-11 June, 2023.

Welcome to the most exciting equestrian event in Finland. Hevoset Bastionissa – Horses in the Bastion is the most unforgettable and thrilling family event of the summer! The horses in the Hevoset Bastionissa Equestrian Event will captivate both children and adults.

Marvel at gallant horses and sweet ponies, be enthralled by top-level equestrian sports and enjoy amazing performances as hundreds of horses gather in Hamina as part of the Equestrian Event. Whether you are a competitor or a visitor just getting acquainted with horses, you will be sure to have a fantastic experience as you enjoy the programme, festival atmosphere and cultural activities – everything from art exhibits and music to horse carriages and petting ponies – in town. 

The heart of the unique world-class town of Hamina will be transformed into an Equestrian Events arena. Wednesday to Sunday there will be exciting horse sports, dressage and show jumping tournaments. The competition arena will, of course, showcase our national horse breed, the Finnhorse. There is free admission to the Bastion Arena on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy the programme in the Hamina Bastion by purchasing a ticket. 

The unique knock-out races, the CityRavit Speed Races, will be held right in the center of Hamina. The races will be one of the highlights of the programme on Sunday. Charming ponies, speedy warmblooded race horses and athletic Finnhorses will compete in their own starts. You can watch the thrilling races right next to the street and cheer on your favourites! 

This year, the Harjun oppimiskeskus Harju Vocational College invites you to experience the exciting Eventing National Championships and incredible horse acrobatics in the International Vaulting Competition. There is free enty to these events, as well as to most of the Horses in the Bastion Equestrian Event programme.   

Ponies and stick horses will be specially featured in the Kesäpuisto Childrens’ Event Arena and there will be plenty of other free activities to keep young horse lovers happy all day. 

A wide array of festival programme will be held along the streets surrounding the historic Hamina town centre. Stop by to see horse-themed art and photography exhibits, such as Katja Hannula’s Tulikavio Exhibit and others. There will be exhibitions in the Hamina Main Library and in the Gunpowder Magazine Gallery as well. The CHARM OF NATURE – Finland’s Best Nature Photos Exhibition will open 9 June at the Hamina Town Hall. 

Be sure to join the dancing at the Hamina Market Square on Saturday when Kari Vepsäläinen plays with his orchestra. There will also be other music performances to entertain the whole family. The Horse Expo in the Bastion vaults and the Town Hall Square Town Expo and food court are an enjoyable place to shop and to pick up food and refreshments as you stroll around the lovely milieu of the festival town Hamina. 

Horses in the Bastion Equestrian Event is an unforgettable experience for the whole family – beautiful horses, competitions, shows, music, art and cultural activities – what better way to begin the summer 2023! Purchase your tickets now at Lippu.fi to experience the thrilling shows and riveting competitions of the Hevoset Bastionissa Equestrian Event. 

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Photo Satu Pirinen


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