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Much of the programme at the Horses in the Bastion Equestrian Event is free of charge. There is an admission fee to the Hamina Bastion arena on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Purchase your tickets to enjoy the exciting competitions and programme at the Bastion arena! 

Tickets are available now at and R-kiosks around the country. Tickets can also be purchased at the following locations in Hamina: 

    • K-Supermarket Kanuuna, Sibeliuskatu 27, Hamina
    • R-Kiosks: Kaivokatu 10, Pikkuympyräkatu 14 and Helsingintie 1, Hamina

Tickets will also be sold at the event by the entrance to the Hamina Bastion arena. The weekend ticket will be exchanged for a wrist ticket at the event ticket sales point.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices and further ticket information here. 


Find a map of the festival area here (in Finnish).


Hamina is a delightful world-class small town on the coast of the Eastern Gulf of Finland. It has a population of about 20 000. Hamina is easy to access by car and public transportation as well as via boat and bicycle. Everything is close by and within walking distance in the center of town and in the Horses in the Bastion Equestrian Event area!

Detailed information about arriving in Hamina can be found here.


Some local Hamina taxi services are the following: 

    • Kymenlaakson taksi + 358 (0)100 87 227
    • Taksipalvelu Kotiranta & Lepistö Oy  + 358 (0)40-938 1100
    • Taksiparoni + 358 (0)5 460 5000
    • Liinamaa taksipalvelut + 358 (0)5 344 7300
    • Liinamaa tilausajot ja retket + 358 (0)400 633 633



Accessible parking in the centre of Hamina can be found adjacent to the Town Hall and by the Market Square along Puistokatu Street. Accessible parking near the Hamina Bastion arena is located at Rauhankatu 8, at the intersection of Isoympyräkatu Street and Rauhankatu Street. 

Hamina Bastion arena and grandstand

Entry into the Hamina Bastion is accessible through the main entrance. Accessible grandstands are available by the arena. Admission to the Bastion is free of charge to assistants of persons with a disability with the label A disability card. 

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets in the Hamina Bastion are locate at both ends of the arena and adjacent to the restaurant. Additionally, an accessible Bajamaja WC is available at the arena. 

There is an accessible toilet near the Kadettikoulunkatu Street in the yard of the garrison area.

Information about accessible cafes, restaurants and attractions in Hamina can be found here. 


Pop in the Expos at the Horses in the Bastion event! Shop the extensive selection of supplies and mementos, and make sure to stop to enjoy delicious food at the food market in the Town Expo as you stroll around the extraordinary and unique Hamina horse town. 

  • Horse Expo in the Hamina Bastion

The splendid Horse Expo is located in the Bastion vaults. A great selection of equine supplies and gifts can be found for riders and horse lovers alike.

The Horse Expo is open Wednesday-Sunday 7-11 June. Admission to the Horse Expo is free on Friday and Saturday. Follow the competition schedule for the Expo open hours. 

  • Town Expo

The centre of Hamina, including the Town Hall Square and Fredrikinkatu Street, will be pedestrian zones and a Town Expo area during the Equestrian Event. The Town Expo includes a food market. 

The Town Expo is open Friday-Sunday 9-11 June as follows:

    • Friday 12:00-18:00
    • Saturday 10:00-18:00
    • Sunday 10:00-17:00


During the event, lost items are to be delivered to the Hamina Summer Info at Raatihuoneentori 14. An announcement will be made for valuable or named found items. After the event, found items will be delivered within a week to the Hamina Town lost and found at Rinkeli, Puistokatu 2, next to the police station.


Dogs are permitted in the event areas at the discretion of the owner. 


Bringing alcoholic beverages to the festival areas is prohibited. Free drinking water faucets are located in the Hamina Bastion, the Town Hall Square and in the Kesäpuisto childrens’ area. 


Smoking is permitted in designated areas.


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